Minister Mbalula marks the opening of N4 Karino Interchange in Mbombela



Minister Mbalula marks the opening of N4 Karino Interchange in Mbombela

Mpumalanga, 7 November 2022 – Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula conducted the official opening of the South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited’s (SANRAL) R375-million Karino Interchange project on the N4 in Mbombela, Mpumalanga Province, on Friday, 4 November 2022.

The successful completion of the Karino Interchange demonstrates how public-private partnerships (PPPs) within the public infrastructure development space benefit road users and local communities through the construction and expansion of the national road network.

Minister Mbalula said the completion of the Karino interchange on time and within budget, demonstrates the immense value of partnerships between the government, the private sector and local communities.

“These partnerships enable us as government to deliver world-class infrastructure that enables economic activity and mobility for our people, which promotes regional integration and seamless cross-border movement,” he said.

“SANRAL has long been a pioneer in pursuing and sustaining successful PPPs which have delivered substantial dividends for the country over the years. Two of these are with concessionaires in Mpumalanga: the N1-N4 Bakwena Platinum Corridor Concessionaire and the N4 Trans African Concessions (TRAC).”

The agency is committed to supporting the development and participation of businesses owned by people in designated categories including black people, women, youth and people with disabilities. A total of R116.24 million was spent on 44 local subcontractors, while R22.34 million went to local labour which included 236 males, 42 females, 143 youth and one person living with a disability.

Mbalula expressed support from the National Department of Transport for SANRAL’s policies and interventions that ensure that the lives of the people where its national road network traverses, are changed through project participation opportunities both for local labour and SMMEs.

“SANRAL commits to subcontracting at least 30% to SMMEs in all its projects. In the case of the Karino Interchange project, this target was vastly exceeded, with 46.6% of the contract value going to local SMMEs. SANRAL has committed to ensuring that

at least 6% of the contract value is spent on local labour. This project has achieved 9%, with R22.34 million spent on local labour. This is an achievement we must encourage,” he said.

“Infrastructure is central to the economic reconstruction and recovery plan of South Africa. The Karino Interchange is part of the N4 Maputo Development Corridor which improves trade and stimulates economic development between South Africa and Mozambique.”

In addition to the Karino interchange, SANRAL is implementing various projects in Mpumalanga, such as the Moloto Road that inter-connects Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces; the R23 national road in Lekwa District Municipality; and the R33 national road which crosses through Mkhondo and Msukaligwa Local Municipalities.