Median barrier soon to be complete

Trans African Concessions (TRAC) is pleased to announce that the construction of the median barrier in Sections 19 and 20, in Mozambique, is 85% complete.

Although the initiative was scheduled for completion in March this year, the COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in the declaration of a National State of Emergency in Mozambique delayed the road works.

This structure, being done under the auspices of Manunsert, separates the east and westbound lanes between Matola and Maputo. Construction started in January following the completion of the major road upgrade on this section to improve road safety in the area. Currently, all that remains to be done is the installation of road studs and completing 200m of kerbing.

TRAC believes that the median barrier, together with ongoing law enforcement operations, will result in more responsible driving, with road users being forced to obey speed restrictions and adhere to other road regulations.

For more information, call 21 75 16 11/4 or 84 34 34 346. Alternatively, send an email to