Huguenot Tunnel closed due to strong wind


Huguenot Tunnel closed due to strong wind

Western Cape, 7 April 2024 – The Huguenot Tunnel has been temporarily closed to all traffic, due to strong winds on the viaduct (long bridge-like structure) leading to and from the tunnel, the South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL) has announced.

Amid high wind speeds which started yesterday, and wind gusts with speeds in excess of 90km/h, a truck lost its load when the wind blew the trailer component off the viaduct and into the valley below. Strong winds have hampered recovery operations of another blown over vehicle on the viaduct and the tunnel was closed to all traffic until the obstruction on the viaduct has been removed.

The driver of the truck that blew over, managed to exit the vehicle in time and was unharmed.

Provincial traffic is on hand to direct traffic via alternative routes.

“We appeal to road users to exercise caution under these circumstances and to avoid the area where possible, especially given the increase in wind speeds today,” said Mike Vinello-Lippert, SANRAL’s Project Manager for the Huguenot Tunnel.

SANRAL will keep road users updated on the tunnel operations.