Full road closure on Westville Viaduct to Paradise Valley Interchange due to N3 Upgrade

Traffic Advisory
Full road closure on Westville Viaduct to Paradise Valley Interchange due to N3 Upgrade


Durban, 9 February 2024 – There will be a full closure of Lancaster Bridge from 26 February 2024 to 28 February 2025 over the N3 to facilitate the demolition and re-construction of Lancaster Bridge (B0461) as part of the construction process for the road upgrades from Westville Viaduct to Paradise Valley Interchange, the South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd (SANRAL) has announced.

“The full closure will take place on Lancaster Terrace at both approaches to the bridge, which spans the N3. The Road Traffic Inspectorate (RTI), with the assistance of the contractor’s traffic accommodation team, will manage and monitor the closure of traffic during this period. Motorists will be redirected by means of signage to alternative routes via Langford and Dudley Road bridges,” said Jason Lowe, SANRAL’s Eastern Region Project Manager.

SANRAL understands that this will cause a major disruption to traffic flow and has done its utmost to minimise the impact. Motorists are urged to be patient during the closure and plan, adjust their travel times and adhere to the sign posted speed limits. This will ensure that they still arrive safely and on time at their destinations.
“For the safety of both the road users and the construction team, full traffic accommodation measures will be in place. Motorists currently using this section of the N3 (between the Pavilion and the M13 split), as well as those using Lancaster Bridge will notice that signage, barriers and traffic calming measures are currently being installed,” said Lowe.
SANRAL apologises for any inconvenience caused to the motoring public and thanks them for their patience during this period.

Alternative Routes:

• The preferred (red) detour will take motorists coming from Lancaster Terrace onto Maryvale Road or Ferndale Ave, depending on the direction they are approaching from. Motorists will be guided by signs showing the alternative routes. These will be installed and maintained for the duration of the works.
• The preferred detour routes (red and blue) and road directions are provided in Figures 1, 2 and 3 below.


Figure 1: Alternate Routes and Directions






Red Route
• From Maryvale Road (South)
• Turn right onto Circle Drive
• Continue and turn left onto Marford Road.
• Turn Left onto Langford Road
• Turn left onto Ferndale Rd. then turn right into Lancaster Terrace and continue with your journey.
Red Route
• From Lancaster Terrace (North)
• Turn left onto Ferndale Ave.
• Turn right onto Langford Road.
• After crossing Langford bridge turn right onto Marford Road.
• Turn right onto Circle Drive
• Turn left or right onto Maryvale Road to continue your journey
Blue Route
• From Maryvale Rd Turn left into Lancaster Terrace
• Continue straight on Lancaster Terrace (East)
• Turn right onto Dudley Road.
• Continue straight under the N3 and turn left onto the M13 to Pinetown
• Turn right onto Macdonald Road and continue straight onto the M13 on ramp to Westville and Durban.

Figure 2: Alternate Routes and Directions




RED – Alternate route over Langford

Those coming from the north side of Lancaster bridge can turn left into Ferndale Ave, then right onto Langford, right onto Marford, and left on to Circle Drive. Then they can join Maryvale Road and head onto their destination. This route can also be used by those coming from the eastern side of Lancaster Terrace.

Blue – Alternate route Dudley Under pass

Those coming from the south side of Lancaster bridge can turn left into Lancaster Terrace (East), then continue straight and turn right onto Dudley Road. Motorists can then turn right onto Macdonald Road and continue straight to the on-ramp onto the M13 which will lead them back to Westville or Durban.

Figure 3: Alternate Routes and Directions