First day in office for new SANRAL CEO


First day in office for new SANRAL CEO  

Pretoria, 3 January 2023 – Today marks the first day in office for its new CEO, Mr Reginald Lavhelesani Demana, the Board of the South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL) has announced.

“Not only are we ushering in a New Year, but also a time for new and fresh leadership in the position of a CEO, taking SANRAL into 2023 and beyond,” said Mr Themba Mhambi, SANRAL Board Chairperson.

Mr Demana was formerly a Divisional Executive at the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa SOC Limited (IDC), a state-owned development finance institution, where he was responsible for a portfolio that covers mining, metals, infrastructure and energy. He is a trained engineer with more than 20 years’ working experience with a focus on mergers and acquisitions, structuring of BEE deals, capital raising and general strategic corporate finance.

Accessibility to stakeholders, infrastructure improvement and transformation in the industry, are some of the priorities that will require the CEO’s immediate attention, notwithstanding all the other focus areas that make up this exciting, yet challenging portfolio.

“SANRAL remains front and centre in leading South Africa’s economic recovery plan post Covid-19, with public infrastructure development prioritised by our government. To this end, our stakeholders will look to Mr Demana to continue on this trajectory and make every effort to see more projects put out to tender this year.”

The Board wishes Mr Demana well and pledges its support as he sets out to implement the agency’s mandate to plan, build and maintain the national road network with the excellence associated with SANRAL.