Northern Cape, 14 June 2021 – Emergency road repairs to the temporary bypasses for the three incomplete intersections on the N14 between Olifantshoek and Kathu, as well as on the N14 Section 8, both due to flood damage are about to start as an emergency contractor has just been appointed.

“Due to the extent of the damage to the intersection bypasses and portions of the N14 carriageway between Kuruman and the Northern Cape/North West Border, caused by heavy rains and flooding, there was a need to urgently maintain safety of the portions of N14, and an emergency procurement procedure was implemented using a request for quotations (RFQ),” said Rudi Joubert, SANRAL Project Manager.

The three intersections on the N14 between Olifantshoek and Kathu remains incomplete due to the original contractor going into business rescue and SANRAL having to terminate the contract.  Attempts to award a new contract were also scuppered when the tender process had to be cancelled as there were no eligible or compliant tenders received.   Fortunately, the SANRAL Routine Road Maintenance team have been managing traffic accommodation, maintaining the bypasses and effecting pothole repairs, as an interim measure.

These intersection bypasses and portions of the N14 section 8 have been severely damaged by incessant flooding across the Northern Cape, and the more permanent repairs need to be affected as a matter of urgency.

“While SANRAL is committed to road maintenance and upgrades of infrastructure being done as quickly as possible, we do need to follow the legislative prescripts that govern procurement processes. We are however confident that the emergency contract for the interim repairs of the temporary bypasses and some portions of the N14 carriageway will ensure safety of the road environment, and  we remain focussed on fully completing the project as a matter of urgency,” explained SANRAL Western Region Manager, Randall Cable.