SANRAL provided training and construction management services to 18 local SMMEs involved in construction works along the N2 route section 19, between Mzeke and Mount Frere. The project, which entailed the construction of community access roads and pedestrian facilities, had a major impact on the local communities of Alfred Nzo and OR Tambo District Municipalities and created 180 jobs for local SMMEs and their employees.
Locals Nkululo Kwapuna and Nokizola Kobe, who worked on the project, explained how it benefitted the community around Mount Frere.
Kwapuna, an SMME contractor, said that being selected among other contractors was a big achievement for him. “The entire process was good and we did not experience any payment problems or other challenges except for the rainy weather,” he said. “I had no idea how to read tender documents and I learned valuable skills. If I did not get skills training from SANRAL, getting construction work would be very difficult for me.”
Kobe, another SMME contractor, employed 10 labourers and two supervisors on her project. She said that the tendering classes were very useful. “Not only have I learned how to tender; I have also learned skills I did not have before. I learnt a lot about construction too,” she said.
Project Manager Thabiso Ngozwana said the project was a great success. “It was even completed earlier than expected.”
The estimated completion date of the project was 22 March 2018, but because of the dedication of the workers, it was completed four months ahead of schedule.


MORE than three million interlocking block pavers and concrete kerbs are being manufactured by the Whittlesea community and will be used to improve road conditions and safety along the R67 in the Eastern Cape.
A total of 123 unemployed locals have been hired by SANRAL to work on the project, which started in November 2016 and is scheduled to be completed in July 2018.
SANRAL Project Manager Lindelani Tsanwani said: “What makes this project special is that interlocking block pavers and concrete blocks are manufactured on site. We hope to leave a legacy in Whittlesea and identify potential residents who will attend intensive training on how to run a blockmanufacturing business. We’re still in the process of identifying suitable candidates.”
The R67 was declared a national road in 2012 and SANRAL decided to upgrade it.
“The community development project is a component of various projects in Whittlesea. The interlocking blocks and concrete kerbs will be used to upgrade service roads within Tambo, Brakkloof, McBride and Who Can Tell Villages, which link up with the R67 at different, safer intersections,” said Tsanwani.
Lumka Soxunjwa from Tambo Village said: “The project means a lot to me. I used to work as a security guard but dreamt of working in the construction industry. I always wanted to upgrade the roads where we live and create jobs for unemployed people. I went for training and then in 2015 registered my company in Whittlesea. SANRAL has taught me so much! Now I can work with my hands.”
Thandeka Bobotyani from Brakkloof said: “The project is very helpful to me. I love working with people and always strive for a better living. Training at Inkanyiso Consulting helped me a lot and has been an eye-opener. The stipend we receive helped us buy electricity and put food on the table and it really improved our living conditions. The training taught me how to save money and also the importance of having a vision for where I see myself the next five years.”
Nomthunzi Vokwana from Tambo Village in Whittlesea said: “I am very excited about working on the project and I really appreciate it a lot. I have been in catering for years and I was a cleaner, but I have always wanted to work in the construction industry and SANRAL and Inkanyiso Consulting answered my prayers. At first I didn’t know anything about construction, but the classes and training helped me a lot. At first I did not see where my business was going, but now I am able to save money.”
Mlondozi M Swaki from Brakkloof Village in Whittlesea said: “I can see where my construction career is going because of this project. This training has shown us that as small companies we are not forgotten and SANRAL has shown that they really care about us. The business training has taught us how to work out pricing, skills in civil engineering, and also, when we are on site, we’re taught how to calculate quantities and compile our payment certificates. They really equipped us to do lot of things. I am so grateful to SANRAL and Inkanyiso Consulting for the opportunity.”