Community voices heard
William Msiza-
Assistant Manager:
Local Economic
Thembisile Hani
Local Municipality

The Moloto Road upgrade in the Mpumalanga region was welcomed by many as the improved road would be safer for pedestrians and drivers alike. However, when it came to who will carry out the work, there were hurdles to be overcome.

It was important to the community that work is awarded to local SMMEs and not to companies that came from outside their region. A lengthy consultative process was then initiated to make sure that everybody’s voices and concerns were taken into account.

An important outcome of the consultation was the establishment of the project liaison committee (PLC). With a broad representation of stakeholders with vested interests in the successful execution of the project, the PLC ensures steady oversight in the subcontracting and labour recruitment processes.

In managing the recruitment of local labour, “the community came up with a system to appoint labourers, where names were put into a draw. This allowed them to take charge of the process and ensure transparency,” says William Msiza from the Thembisile Hani Local Municipality. “We’ve all taken key lessons from the consultative process. Going forward, we now know that we needed to start the process earlier. This helps the community take ownership of the project and increase the absorption of locals into the labour force.”

The upgrades will promote tourism and stimulate the economy and the transport sector in the region.

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