Mpumalanga on track
The Moloto Road upgrade is beginning to unlock economic activity in the region. A new mall will be developed in Mpumalanga and some big brands – including restaurants like Spur and Wimpy – have erected billboards notifying locals they are coming to the area.

The roads in Mpumalanga are known for their high level of traffic. This is due to a historic migrant labour system. One of these roads is the notorious Moloto Road (R573), which carries large volumes of buses that are used to reach work in Pretoria and to return home at the end of each day. In the recent past, the road has witnessed a number of horrific accidents thus increasing the call for construction of the rail project.

Whilst the construction of the rail system is in the planning phase, it was thought wise to roll out what is known as the Moloto Road Upgrade project. This project forms part of the Moloto Development Corridor. SANRAL has begun construction on the Mpumalanga stretch of the road which traverses two municipalities, Thembisile Hani and Dr JS Moroka Local Municipalities in the Nkangala District.

Whereas safety and ease of congestion are a priority, the project must, among other things, also yield economic benefits derived from its construction but also further achieve social objectives as a way to activate and support local economies. Emerging enterprises will benefit from much needed skills and enterprise development training.

The project is already bearing fruit, with both labour and SMMEs sourced from within the project feeder zone. The R1bn investment by SANRAL for upgrading Mpumalanga’s 54.9km stretch of the R573 will go a long way in improving the lives of people from a safety point of view, skills development and meaningful economic participation by SMMEs.

SANRAL will invest R2bn for upgrading the Limpopo and Mpumalanga sections of the Moloto Road. Priority work on the project includes the construction of traffic circles in major intersections in the Thembisile Hani and Dr JS Moroka local municipalities in Mpumalanga. In Limpopo, work has started in the Marble Hall area with the construction of temporary bypasses to divert traffic from the main road where the roundabouts will be built.”


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