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Master’s degree and qualify as a registered professional engineer in the future.

He also relies on extra income as a physical science tutor to many students.

In his spare time, he enjoys cricket, tennis, swimming, volleyball and socialising with friends and family.

Hiralal is full of praise for the organisation for initiating the bursary scheme to students like himself.

“SANRAL has provided me with all possibilities. I plan to learn and gain much experience from the organisation and to grow and establish myself as an outstanding senior engineer in the future.”

Prian Reddy, 22, another recipient of a bursary from SANRAL, is a fourth-year BSc Civil Engineering student at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

He matriculated from Glenwood High School and resides with his parents and a younger brother in Queensburgh.

Reddy has a strong passion for the built environment, with a special interest in sustainable development and green building technology. He hoped to grasp the science of construction and design and how it is implemented in practice.

“Ground-structure, which involves the design of pre-stressed concrete was of great interest to me.

“The design involves the replacement of traditional steel rebar with high-strength steel cables. These cables are then tensioned before the concrete has set (pretensioning) and after the concrete has set (post-tensioning).

“This innovative design is cost effective and allows for longer beam spans to be constructed,” said Reddy.

Shrivar Hiralal and Prian Reddy on site

As a proud bursary recipient, Reddy’s financial burden has been removed, allowing him to focus on and dedicate himself completely to his studies.

He admires Elon Musk, a South Africanborn Canadian-American business magnate, investor, engineer and inventor, as his life story portrays hard work and perseverance towards turning dreams into reality.

How to master the art of independent study was a challenge for Reddy. However, he adapted quickly.

Reddy considers himself fortunate that in

his final year of studies, he did not have to seek a student loan because of his SANRAL bursary.

“I plan to pursue my Master’s degree, specialising in transport and road engineering and to gain a management position at SANRAL in the future,” Reddy said.

In his free time, he enjoys soccer, swimming and reading.

“I thank the SANRAL team for the support and for providing me with this amazing opportunity. I plan to complete vacation

work this year.” He looks forward to becoming a valued member of the SANRAL family.

“I appeal to all students to make informed career choices; be aware of your alternatives and most importantly, be happy with your final decision.”

The bursary and scholarship programme equips graduates with the guidance, mentorship and exposure needed to excel in the built environment, accompanied by a professional work ethic and sound engineering skills.