An N-couraging word

Dear Sirs

As one gets older, one looks less for challenges than before. One such “challenge” it is easy to avoid when you’re doing a road trip is selecting your route carefully.

It is sad to say but just too many roads are not up to standard. This is particularly true of the lesser roads in the country. And I’m not just talking about gravel roads – these are always in rural areas and in very bad shape.

So, I want to tell you what a pleasant surprise it was traveling on the N12 from the Reef to Kimberley. I remember an earlier trip – I must say it was some years back – and it is not a pleasant memory.

I assume that the route is part of the national road system, because it was denoted with an ‘N’. That must mean SANRAL is the agency responsible. As a seasoned traveller – my wife and I just love doing road trips and exploring the country – I have found that the ‘N’ roads are the ones to take. And so it was with the N12. We all complain easily, it’s human nature. So this is one way of saying this road user at least has noticed that ‘N’ also stands for excellence.

– Fanie Coetzee, Randburg

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